New Toddler Bed

3 Aug

A year ago when I was about 7 months pregnant we built Rory a new bed to free up the crib for the new baby.

I found this tutorial and passed it by Joey, he was immediately on board.  I think we started that weekend.  It took about a whole Saturday, buying lumber, cutting it, building, trip to fabric store, and upholstering it.

Step 1: Build the box.  Rory was involved the whole process.  This was important to ensure she was excited about moving to a big girl bed.  This step is so much easier with the help of extra hands.

Step 2: Cover with batting. This will make it nice and soft.
Paying special attention to the corners to avoid bumps and bruises.

Step 3: Cover with fabric.
You can also see the modification we made to the original design.  We added a support beam down the middle. I’m not really sure how it would hold up without this addition.
We have had full-grown adults lay on this bed and it still holds up.

Final Step:  Make the bed and admire your work. We used a standard crib mattress instead of foam like in the tutorial.  Also if you looked at the tutorial, you’ll notice the same Lucien the bunny from Latitude Enfant, maybe that’s why I was drawn to this bed.

Update: I’ve since made-over the toddler bed.  View the new version here- Toddler Bed Makeover

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