A Castle Fit for a Princess

4 Aug

After Delilah was born and Joey had a few weeks off for paternity leave,we knew we needed a project.  We decided to build a castle for the girls.  I had sketched an idea on paper using the basic ideas we had just implemented with the toddler bed.  The idea is actually very similar, just on a larger, squarer scale.  My brother Alan helped with the skill cutting this time.  I failed to get many pictures of the process.

Here is the castle already assembled just minus the roof.  You can get an idea of how it is put together.  Simple really.  We had thrown around the idea of putting a large piece of foam on top to make a play/bed area on top.  But that would require a lot more reinforcement.  You would probably agree that would be pretty sweet though!  It might not be too late to do something like that if we wanted to in the future.

After sanding it all down in the garage, they dissembled it and then reassembled it in our basement.

I faux painted it using this technique.

I made a door out of felt and marked it with a black sharpie to give it a wood grain look, but the brown felt is really dark and you can barely see it.  So maybe a lighter brown for the door would have looked nicer.   I made fabric curtains and hung them with adhesive Velcro.    I painted the inside white so I could paint decorations inside it someday.  Maybe a fireplace and some pictures hanging on the wall.  I’ll leave it to the girls to tell me what they want to do with it.

I made felt flags for the girls, D for Delilah, A for Aurora and P for our last name.

The princesses approve of the castle.


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