New Art

18 Aug

Joey and I had our first kiss on the top of a ferris wheel.  We went to the State Fair in 2004 as friends.  So I guess that’s where it all began.  I felt like the ferris wheel needed to have a presence in our home somehow.  So I got to work on a painting.

It’s not perfect, and sometimes that bothers me.  There are blatant imperfections.  But I’m working on be okay with it as is.  I don’t really have the luxury to make things perfect.  I race through my projects after the kids are asleep for the night or taking naps.  So I do what I can when I can.   Joey likes it, and that’s all that matters.  Well at least he’s nice enough to lie to me.  🙂  This painting is hanging in my “office” in the dining room.

The next piece of art is something I made for Rory’s new room.  We’ve been searching online to see what style of room she likes.  One she found that both her and I like had a robot in it (like a toy or something), she was excited her new room was going to have a robot.  So I knew I needed to incorporate one somehow.

The frame is from the Value Center downtown and cost $1.  It was plastic faux wood.  I spray painted it the color “Sweet Pea”. Then I embroidered a girl robot on some canvas from a broken laundry bag that I was going to throw away.  This makes excellent embroidery fabric.  The girl robot is saying “<3”  which is a heart.   When Rory saw it she said she wants a boy robot too.  Because she likes boys.  Daddy is a boy.


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