Busy Notebook

10 Sep

At resturaunts they give kids crayons and placemats to keep them occupied.  It works.  Most of the time.  I liked the idea and wanted to have something for Rory that she could take when we went to restaurants that didn’t do this.  Or when we went to the art museum and creativity strikes.  You know.  So for Rory’s birthday I made her this “busy notebook”.

I took one full sheet of felt (8.5 x 11) and two half sheets of another sheet and hand-stitched them together.  I wanted it to be more sturdy than just floppy felt, so I cut up a cereal box and slid them into the sides.  I prettied up the front with her name and some flowers.

The inside has one large pocket for paper.  I had cut up plain sheets of paper, but Rory got small coloring sheets for her birthday that fit perfectly in the pocket.  Score!  A smaller pocket holds stickers.  Kids love stickers.  It’s a fact.  On the other side I made little crayon holders.

On the back you can see how I affixed the closure strap.


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