Coffee Cozy

14 Oct

I love fall.  There’s is so much to love: the colors, cooler temperatures, boots, and hot coffee!  I’m an iced coffee girl, but in the fall hot coffee is awesome.  Or chai tea.  Yum. Yum.

So anyway, you know those paper cozies you get around your to-go coffee cup?  Why not make your own?  Last year for my birthday I got a fabric one.  It’s beautiful, but it also got me thinking it would be fun to make my own.  I of course thought of felt.  I printed out a pattern I found online, but you could just use a paper cozy as a pattern.

This was my first one.  I didn’t realize until much later how it looked like the twitter bird.  Not intended.  I just like cute little blue birds.  Maybe that’s why I signed up for twitter in the first place…

This, my second, was a gift for a friend.

And my third, a robot.  I made this as my valentines cozy.  The robot is reaching out to a heart.  It’s difficult to get it all photographed since its a cylinder, but I’m sure you can use your imagination.


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