Strawberry Shortcake & Custard

29 Oct

The best thing about having multiple children is dressing them up in a theme.  Well maybe that’s not the best, but it’s probably up there.  So for the girls themed costume debut, they are Strawberry Shortcake and her kitty Custard!  I got lucky finding Delilah’s costume.  I was going to attempt to make it, but you know time/effort yada yada…  But I found her costume online and on sale!  And it’s pink!  It was meant to be.  Rory’s costume is an updated/throwback look to Strawberry.  If that makes sense.  Mostly it’s just things I already had that looked “Strawberry-ish”.  I made the apron out of an old white oxford shirt.  Then I stitched X’s on and hand sewed green felt diamonds.

They entered a costume contest at the University Truck or Treat event.  They didn’t win.  I think they could have won as a couple, but individually their costumes weren’t win-worthy.  But they did get a lot of compliments and lots of “ohhhh they’re sooo cute!”  There were a lot of sorority girls there, so you can imagine.

[On a side note] At the end of each day, as we are putting Rory to bed, I like to ask her what her favorite thing of the day was.  On this day she said the best part of the day was when she got 2 cookies.  At the event she scored an extra one, daddy ate it, but it still made her day.  (You can see in the above picture her solo cookie feast.)

These two are best buddies.

Have a happy Halloween!



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