Freezer Paper Stencil

4 Nov

I finally got around to trying out the freezer paper stencil technique I’ve been seeing on all the crafty blogs.  I found the best tutorial over at I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of what my first stencil should be. I wanted something simple so I could test it out first. So I went with Rory’s name.

I designed it on Adobe Illustrator then printed it out.  I put the freezer paper under it and cut out the negative space with an exacto knife.   Then I ironed on the freezer paper to the shirt.  Next I started painting on it with black paint.

Waited for it to dry.  Then peeled off the freezer paper.

Then she tested it out.

This was an easy, satisfying project.  I’m just glad Joey took the girls to the YMCA to work out so I could get this done.  With kids, it would have been virtually impossible to accomplish.  Now that I know it’s do-able, I can try more elaborate designs and different colors.



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