A New Ottoman

12 Nov

One of my favorite blogs out there is YoungHouseLove.com. They have awesome style and are willing to diy all sorts of things. I get lots of my inspriation from them.
One project they blogged about was making your own uplostered ottoman. They didn’t build it themselves, someone else did, but it was on their blog nonetheless.
My brother, Alan, gave me a couple rectangles of foam awhile back. My idea was to make a window cushion seat for Rory’s new room, but I later realized that they were too tall and wouldn’t work. But after seeing the ottoman post, I knew I could use it for something after all.

So this past weekend I made an ottoman!

I didn’t follow their directions.  I just went with what I had.  Pretty much all the materials where scraps I had laying around in the garage from past projects.  I did buy the upholstery fabric.  The amount I used was about $2 worth.  I bought plenty however, because it was on sale and I wanted extra for mistakes and pillows.  I was shy some long screws and one 1×2.  So project total was less than $10.

And I tufted it!

I even covered the buttons with the fabric.  This was definitely a learning process.  I had no idea how to tuft, and the directions on the blog post weren’t really clear in this area.  So I didn’t plan on showing you this next picture, but just incase someone out there can’t figure it out either, I’ll share my secret.  (Also, you can see where Rory has already added her mark.)

I was struggling with how to get them tight and all the same tuftness (is that a word).  So I just said forget it, and tied them to a washer and staple gunned them to the bottom at the correct tautness.  It looks rediculous, but I was short on time and patience.  Story of my life.

I’m loving it!  I haven’t made matching pillows yet, I was just draping the fabric to see how it would look.  It might be too matchy-matchy though.  What are your thoughts?


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