Book Ledge

14 Nov

While I was at my brother Alan’s house today I sifted through his scrap wood pile.  I found some nice pieces.  A few of them were from our failed attempt at us building a fence.  Long story short, we tried to build a picket fence, but the HOA said nuh-uh and made us tear it down.  We were kind of mad at the time, but now we have an awesome wrought iron fence that looks much nicer than anything we could have done.   But in haste we tore down the fence and got rid of all the wood.  Little did I know all the potential projects I was throwing away.  We sent all the lumber to Alan’s to be used as firewood.  So this project used one of the “picket” parts (1×3) and another part from who knows what.  But the mystery piece (2×2) had a nice groove cut all along the side.  I cut them to 3 feet long and screwed them together, as shown, and painted it.  Now it makes a nice ledge for some of Rory’s favorite bedtime books.

I hung it up above Rory’s bed so she can easily get to them while in bed.


One Response to “Book Ledge”

  1. Aubrey November 18, 2010 at 2:11 pm #

    This is awesome! I wish I was creative like you, Amy. You have a great gift. 🙂

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