21 Jan

Rory has an alter-ego.  Her name is Sandra.  Sandra is her well behaved counterpart.

Sandra first showed up this summer. We were out in the backyard playing.  She said she lived close by.  She even pointed to her house. She had played with Rory before but didn’t know much about her.  When Joey and I went inside to make dinner, she followed us in and asked if she could join us. We said she should probably call her parents to make sure it was okay.  She asked to borrow Joey’s phone and proceeded to call her parents.  She actually had a conversation with them over the phone.  It sounded legit to me.  She hung up and informed us it would be okay.  She asked a couple times where Rory was.We told her we didn’t know, and that she probably was in her room.  She didn’t seem too worried that Rory wasn’t going to be joining us. Sandra was a very well manored child.  She ate her dinner with no complaints.  She was really a pleasent diner guest.  We asked her questions and she had a answer for all of them. She didn’t hesitate to say she didn’t know someone, even if Rory did.  This went of for around 1 hour.  That is a long time for Rory or any three year old for that matter.

The second time I met Sandra was about a month ago.  I had taken Rory shopping, just me and her.  At some point at the store I lost track of her.  I tend to do that from time to time. When I found her she was sitting by herself at a child sized makeup vanity.  Releived, I said “there you are Rory!”.  She looked at me calmly, “I’m not Rory, I’m Sandra.” I asked her where her parents were and she told me the were shopping close by.  She said she could help me find Rory.  We looked all over the store and she didn’t leave my side.  (Rory is a independent wanderer.)  By this time, I was ready to leave the store and shop elsewhere.  I told Sandra that Rory might have left the store to go to another one. So she said she would come help me look there.  (Rory sometimes is hard to get to leave a store.)  I told her she better ask her parents first.  She said they wouldn’t mind. She got in my car and sat in Rory’s carseat.  She asked if that was where Rory normally sat.  She asked me along the way questions about me and Rory.  Anytime if I slipped up and called her Rory she would correct me.  So at the next store, I always made a point to call her Sandra.  This episode of Sandra lasted about an hour as well.

Whenever Rory turns into Sandra, she really is like a different kid.  Not in a freaky, this-is-creeping-me-out sort of way, but a really good child acting sort of way.


2 Responses to “Sandra”

  1. Joey January 24, 2011 at 10:26 am #

    It’s always nice when Sandra comes to visit, isn’t it?

  2. charla February 13, 2011 at 7:30 pm #

    I think Sandra has been visiting at our house,but I did Not know this was her name. Rory/Sandra has been much more mellow lately and I thought it was because she is getting to do so many awesome things.I won’t ask about Sandra-I will just see if she shows up.

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