It’s better than bad, it’s good!

9 Feb

It’s log, log, it’s big, it’s heavy, its wood!

Remember that little gem from Ren and Stimpy?  Moving on…

Have you been seeing the logs making their way around in home decor magazines?

Well they come at a hefty price too.  And I’m thinking how easy would this be?  I see tree stumps everywhere, I’ll just grab one and have an awesome side table.  Well I search high and wide and found one across the tracks from my brother’s house.  So after a little night time pillaging action I acquired a stump.  But it had bark.

And bark has bugs.  So to remove the bark with a screw driver and hammer.  I really had no clue how to remove bark.  And this wasn’t an easy way.  My little buddy loved this part.

Finished with the bark removal, but still far from what we are going for.

Then I sanded.  Looking better.

And then I stained it because it was looking very boring and log like.
(I know, right?  What did I expect.)

But I wasn’t happy with it.  So I cut up a pallet, probably the one in the above picture.  I made a circle top for it.  Now it’s oozing so much rustic-ness it hurts.

Here’s the finished side table.  It is on the verge of looking like a pile of junk.  But I find it kind of cute.  Come summer, it will probably make its way outside.

Delilah likes to sit on it of course.


One Response to “It’s better than bad, it’s good!”

  1. charla February 13, 2011 at 7:23 pm #

    I think Delilah is ready for her close-up.

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