Kid Sized Garden Bench

12 Mar

I have lots of leftover wood from all my projects.  I never throw anything away that I could eventually use.  And I’m always trying to think of something to build using just scraps of wood.  So when I saw this cute bench over at “miscellanyofme” I knew I could build it with what I already had, but on a smaller scale.  I won’t go over the particulars of how I built it, she has a tutorial on her site.   I did however make a few changes from her version (besides the obvious size difference).

Here it is finished and stained.  I kind of liked how it looked stained, but it too closely resembled a high school wood-shop project.  So I went ahead and painted it white.  And distressed it.

And here it is trying to pretend it’s in a garden…

I’ll get a picture of one of the girls on it so you can visualize the scale better.   For now they are napping, so I mustn’t wake the beasts.


One Response to “Kid Sized Garden Bench”

  1. Murali D Tumahai March 15, 2011 at 3:47 am #

    That came out SO CUTE. I LOVE it! 😀

    Anyway, found you via a clickthrough, and loved what I saw enough to give you an award on my blog! 😀

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