Rapunzel Birthday Party

15 Jul

We celebrated Rory turning 4 at the beginning of this month.   Since she turned 3 last year, she has insisted on Tangled (the new Rapunzel movie) birthday party.  I thought I was going to buy her a dress-up Rapunzel dress for her birthday, but was disappointed in the cost vs. quality at the stores.  I started envisioning how I could make one myself and came up with this.

I got the idea for the hair at a Disney store.  I almost bought the hair they had, but my sister said I could make something similar.  At first I scoffed at her assumption, but later I realized that maybe I could.  So I bought some yellow yarn, braided it and hot glued it to a hair clip.   Good ‘nuf.

Oh and I made a mini version for Delilah.

As for the party, I didn’t get many pictures.  But here are a few.

I made the cake to look like the kingdom’s flower/star on top.  The cake was supposed to be purple, but I kept messing with the color and it kept getting darker and bluer/grayish so I stopped at this color.  Doesn’t Rory look thrilled?  Maybe she’s just contemplating her wish.


One Response to “Rapunzel Birthday Party”

  1. charla July 15, 2011 at 1:17 pm #

    I think Rory is staring at the candles on the cake and thinking”Am I getting old?” We women start that question very early. What darling pictures and what a darling outfit you made-love the hair too. You are so imaginative and clever. I think your girls are too.Good job DIL.

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