Halloween Costumes

31 Oct

Well, Halloween is finally here!  I’ve been planning the girls’ costumes since back in August.  I finished sewing them months ago, but then lost momentum and procrastinated until today to make sure I have all the pieces.  Delilah’s all came together.  Rory has been playing dress-up in her costume for awhile now, so I’m missing a lot of things.  But I’ve also lost my care of it being perfect.  Close enough I say.  Plus the weather looks like it might be a little chilly tonight, so they will probably be wearing jackets over their costumes.  I’m glad I didn’t worry too much about it all.

So anyway here’s the pictures of the girls.  First up- Delilah in her garden fairy costume.  I used McCall’s pattern M5904 for the skirt and hat.  Then added the pillowcase type shirt, shoe covers a flower fairy wand that I made.  The wings were borrowed from Rory.

I’m not sure why I worried about how her shoes would look.  You can’t even see them under the skirt.  Oh well, at least now I know how to make shoe covers…And now for Rory.  She’s been wanting to be Fancy Nancy for Halloween ever since a random kid at a playground told her she should be.  Yes it’s that exciting.

So for those of you not familiar with Fancy Nancy, she’s a fictitious little girl with her own line of children’s book.  If you want to learn more you can visit fancynancyworld.com.  For those of you who are lazy with the clicking, here’s a picture of one of her many fancy looks.

I took this picture with a phone out of one of her books at the bookstore.  I couldn’t find one online at the time when I needed it.  I felt really silly doing that.  Just so you know.

And here’s Rory as Fancy Nancy.  I know this outfit looks really half-assed (I can say that on my blog, right?).  But it was really hard trying to keep track of all the parts.  I did sew the dress though.  And that was a feat in and of itself, what with the layers and all.

I told Rory to point her toe.  So she pointed TO her toe.  Oh she cracks me up!  Delilah’s reaction is cute too.

And there you have it!  Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone!  Try not to OD on the sweets.


4 Responses to “Halloween Costumes”

  1. Aunt Judy October 31, 2011 at 1:46 pm #

    Amy, you did a great job on these costumes! Love them! The models, of course, make the outfits! Have fun tonight!

  2. charla October 31, 2011 at 5:47 pm #

    What a good job Amy. Your models are just adorable of course and I am not the slightest bit biased. I am always so impressed with your sewing abilities-and all of your creativity. Can’t wait to see them in their costumes.

  3. Phyllis Walls October 31, 2011 at 8:48 pm #

    Very cute, as usual Amy. Do the girls need nice warm coats for trick or treating? It was very cold here in Maryland.

    • Amy Parnell October 31, 2011 at 10:25 pm #

      We got really lucky again this year weather wise. Around 70deg in the evening. It was wonderful.

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