Block Art for Daddy

29 Dec

When I went with my brother to see my sister in Dallas, she took us around town to see all the fancy home decor stores. I’m sure my brother had an awesome time </sarcasm>, but it was pretty neat seeing the brick and mortar stores I’ve only been able to see via their catalogs. One of my favorite stores we went to was Z Gallerie. Not much that would work in my home, you know cause of budget and children breaking stuff, but the art was super cool. I’m always checking out art and how I can recreate it, cause $400 art is never in my budget. One of the pieces that jumped out at me to DIY was this one.

Just 2×2 cubes that very slightly in length.  It looks like the artist used metallic spray paint.

I wanted to have the girls make Joey a gift for Christmas, and this art looked totally do-able for a 2 and 4 year old.

And it was.  First I cut up a ton of 2×2’s.  Then I had the girls paint them.  We used blues, whites and blacks for the color scheme.

While the paint dried, I made a frame like box. It was a 1X2 frame with a piece of plywood on the back.  Then we put wood glue down and the girls started putting them in.  Random like.

Showing off their finished art.

Christmas morning giving it to Daddy.  Delilah is really a happy child.  I just never caught her smiling in these photos.

I already have a lot more ideas using this method.  8 bit art anyone?


2 Responses to “Block Art for Daddy”

  1. Wandering Around December 29, 2011 at 3:08 pm #

    I love it, So creative and simple. A great present for their daddy.

  2. charla December 29, 2011 at 6:36 pm #

    What a fun project for them to do. And they are learning they can do a lot of things. I think this will really build confidence in them too. What a cute gift. I know Joey loves it. I can’t wait to see it for real, but I love your blog. Charlal

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