Child Sized Ironing Board

30 Dec

For Christmas I tried to make as many gifts for others as a I could.  There’s more posts a’coming!  For today I’m featuring this child sized ironing board.  I found the plans over at Duo Fiberworks.

The overall building was a little difficult. Getting all the angles lined up so it would actually fold up and also be level while in use posed a little stressful. But I enjoyed the challenge and the result is so stinking cute. I wanted to keep it for the girls, but I knew they would have no clue what it was. All they knew was that irons are hot. I did however, know one little girl who would know exactly what it was and what to do with it.  This gift was for my niece.  If you know her parents, you know they like their clothing nice and wrinkle free.  So she sees them ironing a lot.

First I stained the legs dark, then painted them yellow, and finally painted them a light blue.  When the paint was dry I sanded it all slightly to let the layers show.  It gives it character and you can see spots of yellow peaking through.  (Well not on the iron, I just painted the handle blue.

I let the girls play with it to see if they could find any problems I need to address before I gifted it.  And they did.  It wasn’t very stable with the legs like in the plans.  So I put on extra stabilizers.  Now it’s really sturdy.  Before it would wobble on hard floors, and tip over on carpet.

And here she is playing with her new ironing board and iron.

Isn’t she adorable?


One Response to “Child Sized Ironing Board”

  1. charla December 30, 2011 at 1:08 pm #

    yes she is adorable, and so is the ironing board. I think she will get a lot of use out of this and will be able to iron with daddy. Good job Amy, and good idea too.

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