DIY Art Canvas

22 Feb

This is just a quick little post on how to make your own canvas for art.

Lately I’ve been wanting to paint, but canvases are kind of expensive.  For this size we are talking more than $30.  And that’s just a blank white canvas.  And trying to find one that is square is even more expensive.  So you are limited to the stores’ sizes and they cost some major coin.  What’s a gal/guy to do??  Well it finally donned on me that I could make my own canvas.  DUH!  We used to make them in high school art class.  Why didn’t it occur to me I’m still capable of my high school self’s talent?

I started off with 2×2’s.  I think store bought only use 1×2’s.  So already it’s more sturdy than theirs.  I cut the boards at a 45 deg angle to the length I need.  For mine they are all 28″.  So a square.  Like I said, squares are harder to find to buy.

Using wood glue and staples, just like my previous post of the mirror, I put them together.  This is super strong, but I would have probably used screws if I wanted it stronger, but the truth is  ran out of 2 1/2″ screws and have yet to buy more.  But seriously, this is strong enough for this size.

I stapled the seams on both sides with wood glue on the insides.  Then let it dry thoroughly.

Then I cut my canvas to size, leaving plenty of extra room for the sides.  I used painter’s drop cloth canvas, mostly because I still have plenty.  This stuff just keeps giving.  It’s $10 for like 10 yards or something crazy.

You start by stapling once on one side, then pulling it tight and stapling the other side, then the other 2 sides.  Then going back and forth side to side making it tighter and tighter, working inside to outside.

And then fold the corners like a present and staple down.

Then I painted the whole thing in geeso to prime it.

And that’s it, a totally custom sized art canvas for like $2.  And it’s really big: 28″ x 28″.  I don’t think I’ll ever need to buy one at the store again!

Now what to paint on it???


One Response to “DIY Art Canvas”

  1. Charla February 22, 2012 at 4:05 pm #

    a painting of the girls of course.

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