Mirror Makeover

22 Feb

The girls had a mirror hanging on the back of their bedroom door.  I installed it when it was Rory’s room, and now it’s Delilah’s room.  They used it to check out their outfits and hair.  But over time the cheap frame started to break.  It was one of those cheap-o mirrors from walmart that are like $10.

The other day it finally fell apart.  It came crashing down off the door onto the floor.  Don’t worry, no one was hurt.

Yesterday I decided to see what I could do to save it.  I went out to the garage to see what kind of wood I had enough of.  I had enough 1×4’s to frame it out with a nice wide frame.  So I cut out the wood in a 45 deg angle to frame out the mirror.  Then I wood glued the corners together and stapled them to keep the pieces from shifting while drying.  (With heavy duty staples, not paper stapling staples.)

I mounted the mirror to the frame with wood braces across the back.  Then a wood weight-baring knob at the bottom.

Then I painted it yellow!

I had planned to give it back to Delilah.  But I think we like it in our bedroom more.  It’s too pretty to hide behind a door now.


One Response to “Mirror Makeover”

  1. Charla February 22, 2012 at 4:03 pm #

    that is such a pretty mirror. What a good idea to salvage that pc of mirror. The last one we had got broken to a million pcs years ago when the door was slammed too hard. Now the girls can come in your room and check their pretty outfits out. Good idea Amy.

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