3 New Stools

16 Apr

Wow- almost a whole month since my last update.  Sorry to any daily blog checkers.

I haven’t done much in the way of making things this month, but I did finish these three new stools for the kitchen bar.  Well, the two tall ones are for the bar, the little one for the kids to use where ever.

I started these stools a few months ago and finally finished them.  It’s taken me so long because I wasn’t really sure of them after I built the first one.   We have so much wood in our house so I needed some color.  But I like the look of wood too.  So I did the two tone look, which I’ve done many times before.  I think I’ve probably exhausted this look by now.

See what I mean with all the wood.  I’m planning on building a new kitchen table, and I’m thinking I need to paint it a fun color.  Maybe light yellow!  Ohhhhhhh!  That does sound cool, doesn’t it?

Oh and I totally just realized we have our disco ball hanging from the dining room light.  That comes and goes.  I take it down and Rory puts it right back up.  So I’ve stopped even noticing it there.  In the evenings we get the perfect light for disco parties.

Moving back on subject.

Here’s an in progress shot of the tiny stool.

I used up the last of my “Country White” gallon of paint that I’ve used for many other projects.  Then distressed it.  I mostly distress my projects so I don’t freak out when it gets abused.  And in this house, all our furniture gets abused.

The little stool has been hanging out at the girls’ play table for when they have guests over to join them for an afternoon tea.

Joey came home in the middle of my taking pictures of the stools.  So he posed with them to give y’all a visual for height.

And that’s it for what I’ve been up to this past month building wise.  Now that these are done, I think I’ll be ready to start something else.  Maybe it’s time to start that new dining table?

Plans from Ana-White.com

Tall chairs are from Simplest Stool Plans

Little stool is from Play Table Stool Plans


2 Responses to “3 New Stools”

  1. Charla April 17, 2012 at 3:10 pm #

    Amy-you think your furniture is distressed-have you taken a good look and Bill and me lately? Great project and I must say Joey is an excellent model but he could look just a tad more animated. Ha. Love all your work. These are very cute.

  2. Aub April 19, 2012 at 9:06 am #

    You are awesome. I’m so glad you are my friend!

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