Camper Exterior Reveal

10 Sep

So my 30th birthday came and went last Friday. I didn’t know if I should make it a big deal or underplay it. My friends convinced me I should do at least something for my big 3-0. So Joey and I got an overnight babysitter for the girls (thanks Aunt Amy!), and we met up with friends for dinner. From there we went to about 5 other places for drinks, pool and dancing. We also went for a joy-ride on the downtown trolley. It was an amazingly fun night spent with great people. And I’m okay with being in my 30’s now. I know that there are still many exciting and crazy times ahead, getting older (and maybe more mature) doesn’t mean they will be over.
Also if you were keeping up on my 30 before 30 you already know it didn’t get completed. I had come up with those items 2 years ago! I’ve changed a lot in the last 2 years, so my priorities have changed some too. But I will get around to finishing that list, just no pressure now.
One of my big projects these past few months have been restoring the vintage camper my brother and I bought. It’s almost finished! I just have some curtains to sew up for 2 windows and then make some pillows. But those are silly little extras. We can now officially go camping with it!
Yesterday after the girls got back from Sunday school with their grandma, we were just sitting around with a beautiful day ahead of us with no plans. So I told Joey let’s take the camper out for a test run. We went and picked it up from Alan’s house and picked him up too. Then we took a quiet country road to a small lake half an hour drive away.

The guys fished and the girls explored and kept an eye on their bobbers.

Delilah loved all the squishy lures.  Look at her little freckles too!

We didn’t spend the night camping.  School and work gets in the way sometimes.

And to give you a little glimpse of the inside of the camper.  Here’s one of Rory playing house.

Hopefully I’ll be posting a official inside reveal soon!

2 Responses to “Camper Exterior Reveal”

  1. charla September 11, 2012 at 1:18 pm #

    This is so stinkin cute Amy. Good work. And we’re glad you got to take it out on a practice run. I know the girls love it, and you should be proud of all the work you did. I bet you will have yeard of fun in the camper.

  2. Phyllis Walls September 11, 2012 at 7:36 pm #

    It’s look’n really good, Amy! I know that the guys did a lot of the work too, but your work makes it really cute and homey.

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