New Porch Bench

4 Jan

A couple years ago when I got my first pallet, I made a very rustic pallet bench.  Keeping most of the pallet intact, I just cut it in half and used the extra wood for legs.  Seriously simple.


Then I moved it to the porch and made a cushion.


Surprisingly, I still get lots of visitors to my blog (through pinterest) just because of this little bench.  Which I find amusing.  I had no idea it would be so popular.  But re-purposing pallets are the “in thing” right now, so I’m not surprised people like it.

Then a few months ago I made a new bench for our bedroom but ended up not liking it there.  So I replaced the old one on the porch.  I didn’t use any plans for this, just made it up.


It has an shelf on the bottom made of two 2x2s to hold a crate full of gardening things, and the B-Fly box.

pbench3 pbench4



The old bench went to the side of the house.  This is one the the best places to sit in the winter.  No wind and sunny.  If I was a cat this is where I would nap.  pbench6



One Response to “New Porch Bench”

  1. charla January 5, 2013 at 9:34 pm #

    good job Amy-it is really pretty

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