Coffee Staining

23 Jan

Awhile back I made some cheese boards for gifts.  Kind of like cutting boards, but made with a softer wood, so I wouldn’t technically call them cutting boards or use them a such.

I cut a random shape out of pine and sanded them down.  Then drilled a hole in the handle.


But, they looked too new.  I wanted the aged look.  But since these are meant for food, I couldn’t just use wood stain.  So I used something I’ve been wanting to try out.  Coffee staining.

Some people use brewed coffee and paint it on.  I just mixed coffee grounds with a small amount of hot water.  So it was like a coffee ground paste.


Then rubbed it in.


Here’s another project being coffee stained.


Let it sit for a bit, then wipe the grounds off with a paper towel.  Then let it dry.


To finish it off, for the cutting boards, I applied a wood oil made for cutting boards.  I found that at Ace Hardware.  This will keep the wood looking nice.  Since you wash the cutting boards, some of the stain will come off eventually.  You could re-stain it, or just let it wear down and that could look cool too.  I haven’t gotten that far with my cheese board, so I have no clue what it will look like.

As for the other project I stained, here’s the before,



And after.cs6

I made this box to hold the poinsettia we had for Christmas.  The pot was covered with the crinkly gold and green wrap, which is now sitting down low to keep the water from running out.


I also did the book crate with coffee stain.


So even though I could have used regular stain on these last two projects, I like that I’m not using harsh smelling chemicals for projects in the house.  And I can do the actual staining indoors.  And I get to use up all that random coffee I buy but don’t end up liking.

What about you guys?  Have you tried coffee staining wood?  How does it hold up?  Or have you tried staining other things?  Maybe fabric…  That’s sounding cool.




One Response to “Coffee Staining”

  1. charla January 23, 2013 at 5:48 pm #

    looks very interesting, and I bet it smells good. Just in case you are wondering, Bill and I have our 38th anniversary coming up. Not that that has anything to do with these projects or that anyway I am implying I would like us to have a cheese board or anything…..

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