Sri Lanka

18 Mar

We got back home late last Wednesday from our trip to Sri Lanka.

I had every intention of blogging throughout our trip.  The first few days were relaxing at the health resort.  Then after the wedding, the following day, we packed everything up and heading on our tour.  It was a jam packed, fun filled 8 day excursion around the island of Sri Lanka.  We ended up having internet access at every hotel, but by the time we got to the hotel we were plum exhausted.  We only had a little energy to Skype the girls and then fall asleep.

We traveled with 13 other people.  Most of them were some of Joey’s best friends.  And a few were friends of friends we only met on the trip.  We all got along really well and had so much fun together.  I didn’t know how it would go traveling with other people.  I worry about people not getting along and everyone getting tired of each other.  But it was not like that at all.  I now think traveling with friends is a great idea.

Some of our new friends made a blog just for the trip.  So if you are interested in the details and seeing more pictures you can visit them over at

If you are friends with me on facebook then you can see me tagged in my fair share of unflattering sweaty/frizzy haired pictures from the trip.

But some of the highlights from the trip were:

  • holding a baby sea turtle
  • visiting an island where they made cinnamon
  • tea plantations and factory
  • the beach/ocean
  • train ride in the mountains
  • elephant orphanage
  • safari
  • waterfalls
  • Buddhist temples
  • so many monkeys
  • snake charmer show and holding a python
  • not getting sick once!  Joey did, but it was only one night.

I have to show some photos, but I realize seeing someone’s vacation photos can be a drag so I’ll keep it to a minimum.

sl1Our traveling companions

sl2 sl3Tea plantations all over the mountains.



sl6Our pink tour bus.

sl7Buying a painting from a local artist.

sl8 sl10Joey and I at the wedding.

sl11 sl12 sl13 sl14 sl15Kandyan dancers and firewalkers.

The trip was so amazing.  The flights home, not so much.  And we are still suffering from jet lag.  But we would totally recommend Sri Lanka!



3 Responses to “Sri Lanka”

  1. Aunt Phyllis March 18, 2013 at 4:59 pm #

    Hi Amy, I did not realize that the trip was a destination wedding. What fun! and your pictures are beautiful! Question, does your statement about vacation pictures mean that I share too many??? Too bad, they are for me too!! 🙂 Anyway, welcome home; glad you had a great trip, and hope that you got the travel bug!

    • Amy Parnell March 18, 2013 at 5:03 pm #

      No Phyllis, I wasn’t referring to your photos. I just didn’t want to over do it. Even though I have so many to share.

  2. charla March 19, 2013 at 5:53 pm #

    We are so glad you guys all had so much fun. It looks like a wonderful place to visit-especially with friends. Good job on the pics and narration. In that pic when people are on the bridge, the water underneath didn’t look too wonderful. What is swimming around in that water I wonder. Yikes.

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