Pumpkin Sales

8 Oct

It’s that time of year again.  Time for the girls’ 3rd annual pumpkin sales.  In the early spring we visited my parents’ farm and the girls helped plant pumpkin seeds.  My parents do the rest.  Keep them watered and then harvest them. They also make the 4 hour drive to deliver them.  This year I think they planted more pumpkins and a neighbor donated some plus squash. Years past I think we had maybe 15 or so pumpkins.  This year over 40.  Add all that and some watermelon and the girls had a ton of produce to move out of my yard in one weekend.  Which is great because they always sold out way too soon in years past.


My brother was there to help unload the pickup.

alan - Copy

Our yard to passer-bys looked like we went a little overboard with our fall decor.

girls - Copy

The girls with their Mema and Papa, the pumpkin farmers.

mepa - Copy

rory - Copy

The next morning was cold, but the girls made signs and got to selling the pumpkins.

signs - Copy

Not forgetting to make deliveries to the neighbors too.

cart - Copy

lila - Copy

They ended up selling them all by the end of the weekend.  They split all the profits and will hopefully make wise financial decisions with their money.

I didn’t forget to keep a few pumpkins to make delicious things with them.

Check out our very first year: First Year Pumpkin Sales

And I never blogged last year’s, but here’s a picture of the girls with the pumpkins.




One Response to “Pumpkin Sales”

  1. charla October 8, 2013 at 10:49 pm #

    Congratulations girls-you did such a good job selling your pumpkins. I’m just glad Poppy and I got to buy some before you sold out. Looks like your Mema and Papa did a good job growing those pumpkins from the seeds you planted.

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