See Us in St. Louis

8 Jun

We just got back from our family summer vacation.  This year we stayed a little closer to home, but it was still a 7 hour drive.  We went to St. Louis!

Our hotel was downtown blocks from the Arch.



Going to sleep, the girls were arguing because Delilah kept putting her feet on Rory.  But they woke up like this.


The next day we rode the train to Forest Park.  First stop the free St. Louis Zoo, where we rode another train.




The zoo was beautiful and we saw some animals we’ve never seen before.  Like a kangaroo!

From there we went to the St. Louis Science Center. It was really cool, and free!


In the background, Rory is touching a T-Rex leg bone.  She thought that was super awesome.



I loved this waldorf village.  It reminded me of the fairy stump house I made for the girls.



The next day we went to the arch.





Then without resting up, we went to City Museum
So amazing. I didn’t take any great pictures, and it’s very hard to explain. But it’s the coolest thing in the world. It was just as much fun for Joey and I as it was for the girls.

Pictures can’t even do it justice.  It’s a huge warehouse filled with nooks and crannies and everything to climb on and through.

I couldn’t get good pictures but here are some I found online.

I’m sure we didn’t even see a fraction of it, but we were exhausted and had to leave.

We stayed the night in Kansas City, then went to Lawrence to see my sister and her kids before she took part in the Iron Man race.

We had a great family trip in St. Louis, so much to do and see, we highly recommend it!



One Response to “See Us in St. Louis”

  1. grammy June 8, 2014 at 2:43 pm #

    we are so glad you guys had a great time. I know a highlight for the girls was seeing the cousins on the way back also-and memaw too. Rudy missed you all but we didn’t take any pictures of him missing you. We love your blog. Love,grammy and poppy.

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