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Nail and String Art – Kids Project

8 Jul

Last week the girls did an art project.  We had our neighbor/friend, Elizabeth, join us.


I cut some scrap pieces of wood for the girls and sanded it.  They should have hand sanded this part, but we were pressed for time so I used the orbital and got it done.

They picked out their colors and painted them.


Next the girls chose their design and I traced it onto paper.  Then they nailed onto the lines.





These are the nails we used. They were perfect for little hands to hammer.  My camera focus was off, but you get the idea.
Next rip off the paper.


We forgot this step the first try and went straight to stringing.  So Elizabeth had to unstring, rip, then restring.  But this is the only shot I got of her mustache, so I shared it anyway.


Rory (6) nailed every single one of her nails.  I was very proud of her because she took on a more detailed design.


I strung both my girls (4 & 6’s) for them, it was too hard for them to get the string tight without it unraveling, but Elizabeth (11) had no problem doing it all by herself.



Elizabeth had to leave for home before she finished hers.  But if I get a picture I will post it.  I’m sure it turned out awesome.




This was such a fun project.  Even though some steps were too difficult for the littler ones, they still enjoyed the whole process.


Teeter Totter

24 Apr

Last November I started building a teeter totter for the girls.


I enlisted the help of my brother, Alan.  I was prego at the time and didn’t trust my brain with math.  I shouldn’t trust my brain with math when non-prego either.  But he is a mechanical engineer so I knew he could make sure it didn’t turn out all wonky.

We got to the part where we need to put the bolt in the fulcrum, and I realized I had the wrong size paddle bit.  So we jimmy rigged up something for the meantime and called it quits.

And just last week I got the right sized bits for the fulcrum and the handle bars, and finished ‘er up.


And then stained it to protect it from the elements.



Did you know it’s really hard to find a teeter totter on a playground anymore?tt2tt5tt6

I bought 2 2×4’s and the rest of the wood was reclaimed.

Thanks for looking!

Teeter totter plans from


New Deck

9 Dec

For the past 7.5 years we’ve had a back patio.  A slab of 10′ x 10′ cement.  I’ve moved all our patio furniture out of the way when I took this picture.  We did actually use this space.  Usually eating dinner outside most nights in the spring and summer.


It had some piddly little steps.


I knew it was just a matter of time before someone fell down these steps and face planted on the concrete.


So we used the same contractors that fixed up our house after a huge hailstorm hit our neighborhood back in May.  They worked with on our design and budget till we got exactly what we wanted and needed in a deck.  It changed a little from our original plan after an inspection by the city and electrical company.  But we love how it turned out.

First we got the load of supplies delivered.


After holes were dug and a few days waiting on yet another inspection, they began the building.


Almost done…



And here she is!



Now on to the patio.  I never got pictures of it finished.  But here it is almost halfway done.  By the time it was finished, it got really cold outside.  So we haven’t even used it yet.  But come spring we plan on landscaping so I will have some “after” pictures of the whole set up.  deck9

We did enjoy a party on the deck last month though.

deck11I’m excited to get some lights on the pergola and outdoor speakers and have some major shindigs this summer.